The Hughes Auditorium Renovation Project

The Hughes Auditorium Renovation Project is a project that is two years in the making. The project is focused on restoring the Hughes legendary auditorium into a true 21st-century performance space complete with up to date lighting, sound, seating and acoustics.  This initiative is being led by the One Hughes Foundation which is a separate 501c3 organization designed to be the key fundraising entity for much-needed capital improvements to the auditorium, Coy field, and the campus grounds.

The Stage

Lighting and Sound

The stage lighting and sound systems need to be replaced with systems suitable for student performances. Currently, there is no lighting system and the sound system is inadequate for the size and scope of the full auditorium



Buy-A-Seat Fundraiser

The seating in the auditorium dates back to the 1940s and '50s except for the original 1910 seats located in the balcony. As one might imagine, the seats are in disrepair. Our fundraising efforts include the Buy-A-Seat program, where interested people can purchase a new seat and have a small plaque placed on the seat. Seats can be purchased by a group or by an individual.

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